Galaxy Note 10+ VS unreleased iPhone 11 Max

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Samsung officially released the Galaxy Note series today, and its outstanding performance has made many people eager to get started, but some consumers are waiting to see the new iPhone released next month, then do a comparison and choose another one. .

In fact, the information about the new iPhone is almost leaked, and we can do this comparison. To this end, we have selected two of the most equipped models, namely Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and iPhone 11 Max (tentative name), I hope to help you a bit.

The first is the appearance. In fact, this aspect of design is really everyone’s preference. The so-called “no first”, Galaxy Note 10+ and the already exposed iPhone 11 can be said to have a good design.

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G continues Samsung’s “light and thin wind design language” with a thickness of 8mm and a 3D curved surface on the back. The iPhone 11 Max is still a design idea for the iPhone X, but the camera group on the back becomes a “bathroom” shape.

On the screen side, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G features Dynamic AMOLED’s “punch” full screen with a screen size of 6.8 inches and a resolution of 3040×1440, supporting the HDR10+ standard.

According to the existing information, the iPhone 11 Max will use a 6.5-inch OLED screen, which continues the “Liu Haiping” design, so it is inferior to the Galaxy Note 10+ in screen ratio.

The next step is to enter the core of the phone – the processor. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Samsung’s own Exynos 9825.

The Exynos 9825 is the world’s first chip to use the 7nm EUV process. The new process boosts transistor performance by up to 30% and power consumption by 30 to 50%. The Exynos 9825 features two Samsung custom cores, two Cortex-A75 cores and four Cortex-A55 cores with a GPU for the Mali-G76.

iPhone 11 Max will use Apple’s self-developed A13 processor from the existing information. According to past experience, Apple’s A series processor has not been disappointing. The performance of this A13 should also be satisfactory.

In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G battery capacity is 4300mAh, which supports 45W super fast charge; iPhone11 Max battery capacity is 3650mAh.

This is a topic that is difficult to be bypassed by the new machine released in the second half of this year. The Galaxy Note10+ 5G knows from the name that the machine will definitely support the 5G network.

However, Apple has just reconciled with Qualcomm’s lawsuit, and it has not developed its own baseband. This year’s iPhone 11 Max is hard to catch up with the first wave of 5G. It should not support 5G network.

For photography, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G features a rear four-camera design with a main camera resolution of 16 megapixels, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, and a DepthVision 3D ToF lens for deep visual perception in AR applications.

iPhone11 Max uses 12 million + 12 million + 12 million rear three-camera design, supporting 120 ° super wide-angle shooting.

Finally, let’s take a look at the price that everyone cares most. According to Samsung’s official website, Galaxy Note10+ 5G (12GB+256GB) is priced at 399 $.

Although the price of the iPhone 11 Max has not yet been announced, according to the current price of the iPhone Xs Max 256GB version of 415 $, the price of the iPhone 11 Max will be hard to fall below this figure.

In addition, there is news that this time the iPhone 11 Max will also support the Apple pencil stylus, but need to buy it, and the Galaxy Note10+ 5G’s new generation S Pen stylus is included.

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