Buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 Black: Price, Unboxing & Deals

Xiaomi Mi 8 Package

The Xiaomi 8 Discovery on the package uses different design than the previous one. It’s a square shape box which carries the number “8” on the front. After removing the outermost box, we can see transparent box, and then the phone. Its back panel is covered by a special sticker. In fact the sticker is phone’s original motherboard with a copper plate to make two motherboardsboards at the top and bottom. It is actually a complete decorative PCB motherboard at the top. According to official data, there are 101 capacitors, 32 resistors, 6 switch ICs, 11 sensor ICs, and 7 signal control ICs. But Mi 8’s selling oint is not the transparent back cover.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8 features

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is the world’s first Android smartphone supporting 3D structured “light-back technology”. There is a completely new features to Xiaomi’s phone line: the dreaded screen notch. Its screen covers more area of the device like Iphone X and LG G7, while retaining area is equipped by selfie camera, sensors and earpiece speaker. The phone comes with a screen-to-body bordering ratio on 87%, now a larger display than ever at 6.1inch.

At the top area of screen Xiaomi added a number of components, icluded infrared camera, a dot maxtix projector, A flooflighting component, a Tof distance sensor and 3D structured optical modules. The 3D structured optical module uses a coded structured light. The structure of the code can be seen under the infrared camera, this is different from the ihone X’s structure light.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 8

At the bottom of the screen, The Xiaomi Mi 8 is also equipped with a screen fingerprint module. The fingerprint recognition speed is the highest on the market. To meet the users’s needs, the 3D structured light is more suitable when the finger is wet.

What concerns to Xiaomi Mi 8’s remaining features. It is packed with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845  flagship SoC, a 12MP + 12MP wide angel camera ( IMX363, f/1.8, four-axis optical zoom). The smartphone sports a 3000mAh battery. And at the end it comes with an 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi 8 MI8
Wholesale Price: $265
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