Apple officially sends an invitation: the new campus will hold an autumn conference on September 12

In the early morning of August 31, Beijing time, Apple has just officially sent an invitation letter to the media, announcing that it will officially hold a press conference at 10:00 am local time on September 12 (1 am Beijing time on September 13). Held at the new Jobs Theatre in Apple Park’s new headquarters.

The theme of this year’s invitation is Gather round (the Chinese version is reunited), and the ring pattern also coincides with the appearance of the new Apple Park headquarters. On September 12th, it will once again become the focus of the world.

At this time last year, Apple’s 10-year upgraded iPhone X was released in their new campus, Apple Park, which was the first large-scale open space for a public event. Since then, Apple Park has also been used in Apple’s shareholders meeting, etc., but has not been used for product launch activities.

Although Apple did not say anything, it is a fanatic practice to make important product releases here.

Sina Technology has received an invitation letter. At that time, we will broadcast this conference as usual, and please go to some mysterious guests to explain with you, in a more interesting way, let the users who are in front of the computer in the middle of the night understand the new products.

The most important new product of this conference: three iPhones

The probability of occurrence is 100%

The most exposed in all the information is the new iPhone. After all, there have been rumors about this product since October last year, and the whole people have warmed up for ten months.

According to specific rumors, there will be three new iPhones released this year: 5.8-inch is not much different from the current iPhone X. It is only an upgrade of the processor; the 6.1-inch version will use the LCD material screen, while the 6.5-inch version will be the OLED material screen. The largest size also represents the highest level of the year. At present, there is also a model video on the Internet.

According to rumors, the three new iPhones will use Liu Haiping’s styling, and will also use A12 chips and Intel LTE 4G modules. Different from the same.

The first is the 6.1-inch mid-range version because the LCD screen is chosen, so the black border will be wider than the other two versions, and the rear lens will become a single camera. In addition, it is reported that the middle version of the LCD screen is made of aluminum (the other two are stainless steel), and the 6.1-inch version of the running storage part of the fuselage is likely to be 3GB RAM, while the other two are likely to be 4GB. It is a place to reduce costs.

But Chinese users may be more interested in dual card dual standby. It is said that the 6.1 and 6.5-inch versions of the iPhone will have dual card dual standby and will also support the stylus.

There are already many versions of the global price, but since the price difference between different regions is relatively large, we will not make reference.

90% chance of occurrence

The AirPower wireless charging pad and the AirPods wireless headset with wireless charging are the products that were launched with the iPhone X last September. However, due to unexplained reasons, it may be listed and sold after the conference.

The innovation of AirPower is that a wireless charging board can charge the iPhone, AirPods headset (wireless charging version), and Apple Watch, and use two wireless charging standards – after the conference last year, Sina Technology The editor once asked Apple related people, the answer is that the phone and headphones are Qi standards, but Apple’s watch is not because they think Qi is not suitable for it.

From release to launch, AirPower has let users wait for a year.

In addition, the AirPods of the wireless charging function does not seem complicated, but the charging box of the existing product is added to the wireless charging coil. After the release of these two products, there was no news. The statement that was originally scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2018 was pushed and pushed again.

Fourth-generation Apple Watch with a higher screen ratio

A chance of 85%

The Apple Watch Series 4 news was first leaked in the iOS 12 beta. From all aspects of rumors, this Apple Watch may be upgraded in the screen share, but the overall appearance will not change.

Specifically, the change in the Apple Watch Series 4 is that the black frame becomes smaller and the screen becomes larger on the basis of the original size. The body size should not be larger, and there is a great chance to eat the first three generations of the strap.

The new iPad Pro may also be a big innovation

50% chance of occurrence

In the first half of this year, Apple just updated an entry-level iPad, so people’s attention is naturally left on the upcoming iPad Pro.

Let’s start with some more reliable news. It seems that the 2018 iPad Pro is divided into two according to the screen size, one is 12.9 inches and the other is 11 inches. Basically, it can be determined that the new iPad Pro will cancel the Home button for many years, from fingerprint recognition to Face ID face recognition.


The advantage of this is not only the adjustment of the unlocking method, but the change of the size of the body; after the fingerprint recognition, the iPad’s forehead and chin will be reduced, and the left and right sides of the frame will be scaled down. So this size should be a lot smaller, especially for the original 12.9 inches, it is a big improvement.

New MacBook Air Series

50% chance of occurrence

Many analysts say. Apple will release the new MacBook Air at the end of the third quarter, possibly with the new iPhone, or it may be a separate release. In short, “Apple will release a low-cost notebook” seems to be a consensus.

Regardless of whether it is a MacBook, MacBook Air or something else, the industry expects at least one entry-level notebook to appear. The starting price in the US is no more than $999 (the Chinese price is estimated to be 7,000 yuan), which is not cheap in the Windows camp, but on the Mac. It is already a low-priced product.

The MacBook Air has almost become a forgotten product, and there have been no major updates in the past three years. Apple almost stopped the production of the 11-inch screen version (a small number of specialized educational products), 13-inch is just a replacement processor.

If there are notebooks at this conference, 2 hours may not be enough, so we prefer Apple to have another conference in October, and the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro will be released at that time.

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