7 Best Features of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi sub-brand, Pocophone, just announced their first device the POCO F1. It bears top-of-the-line specs and insane price tags. Although let’s take a closer look at its 7 Best Features.


The Poco F1 is not just your average affordable device because it sports flagship internals. Powering the device is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and either 6 or 8GB of RAM. Not only that, it also has up to 256GB of internal storage.


One of the variants of the device is covered in Kevlar Aramid fiber from DuPont USA. This is the same material being used for the production of bulletproof vests. Apart from adding flair and aggressiveness to the device, it also offers added protection to make it scratch and wear resistant.


While the Armoured Edition is surely the toughest of the bunch, the standard variants aren’t too shabby. They all feature hard polycarbonate unibodies with 7-layer color processing. This method and material add toughness and a reinforced internal frame structure to the device.


Pocophone created an entirely new software for the POCO F1 called “MIUI for POCO”. Well, technically it’s not new as it’s still based on MIUI but the sub-brand added in some tweaks. It features a dedicated launcher called POCO Launcher and POCO’s Turbocharged Engine, which is said to boost startups, performance, and responsiveness. Pocophone also promised quarterly security updates for the POCO F1.


Prolonged gaming sessions and even heavy multitasking can result in too much heat for a smartphone. As such, Pocophone added in a liquid cooling system to the POCO F1 called LiquidCool. Basically, they inserted a water vapor cooled copper heat pipe on top of the device’s chipset to facilitate better cooling.


The F1 features a more secure and capable face unlock technology. That’s because it uses Infrared scanners instead of just its front cameras. This provides better accuracy even in low-light conditions.


While technically not a feature, it’s hard not to mention the amazing pricing of the F1 in India. We’re hoping that it will launch in the Philippines with very competitive pricing as well.

Here are the prices for each variant:

  • POCO F1 6GB + 64GB – $160
  • POCO F1 6GB + 128GB – $189
  • POCO F1 8GB + 256GB – $219
  • POCO F1 Armoured edition 8GB + 256GB- $259

And that sums up the best features we noticed on the POCO F1.

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