Samsung Galaxy note 20 / note 20 +16GB memory

Samsung may want to distinguish the upcoming Galaxy note 20 series from the existing Galaxy S20 series, one of which is to add memory to the flagship s pen product. According to some information shared by Ross young, chief executive of DSCC, during the recent Q & a session, the Samsung Galaxy note 20 series will be equipped with 16GB of memory as standard.

It is reported that both Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Galaxy note 20 + will have 16GB memory versions.

Samsung has started mass production of 16GB lpddr DRAM

At present, the only Samsung mobile phone with 16GB memory is the S10 ultra 5g mobile phone with 512gb internal storage. Now, Samsung Galaxy note 20 series is expected to be released in LTE and 5g models, so it is not clear whether 5g models reserve 16GB of memory exclusively.

Samsung began mass production of 16GB lpddr5 DRAM chips for mobile devices in February, it house learned. These chipsets have been used by the galaxy S20 ultra 5g mentioned above, so Samsung is likely to increase production for the expected Galaxy note 20 series in the past few months.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy note 20 and note 20 + may be the first mobile phones to be equipped with Qualcomm’s second-generation 3D sonic Max fingerprint recognition sensor, according to sources. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was launched as early as December and can read two fingerprints at the same time.

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